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Are you looking for the best dental service and solution in Spokane? Well, then you have come to the right place. We are a friendly team of experts in all types of dentistry. We offer state of the art facilities with the latest equipment and advanced technology to provide the best treatment at prices that will match your budget. We serve all areas of Spokane including South Hill, so if you’re in need of dental treatment we certainly encourage you to stop by. You’ll find a welcoming environment here with friendly faces that are ready to answer any of your questions that you may have. 

Our aim is to put the heart back in dentistry and provide a solution that our patients can trust. We know that visiting the dentist is never going to be your favorite experience in the world. But with our solution, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Instead, we’ll keep you in complete comfort and put all your worries to rest as we provide the solution that you can rely on. From cosmetic dentistry to emergency treatment we cover all the options and we’ll be delighted to help you. 

About South Hill Spokane

South Hill Spokane is known for its gorgeous evergreen trees as well as two large architectural features. There is the Sacred Heart Medical Center which is the largest hospital in Spokane and the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. For architectural buffs, this is actually a stunning example of modern English Gothic design. 

South Hill is largely considered one of Spokane’s best neighborhoods and we are confident that the locals here agree. South Hill is actually a collection of neighborhoods including Cliff Park and Rockwood. This is a safe location and you will often see kids riding their bikes around the area without their parents. It’s a beautiful spot and one that has attracted countless young families and couples to the area. The center of South Hill is Manito Park. This is a gorgeous open grass area where the locals will often spend summer days. It has a range of different spots and features including Duncan Gardens. It’s so vast, people will often describe their home based on the side of the park they live on. 

Lincoln Heights is a popular place for shopping here which provides high-class stores with admittedly expensive price tags. However, there are plenty of different shops to peruse and restaurants to explore. 

In terms of homes, there is an abundance of different styles of architecture here. You’ll find Mansions, Tudor architecture, Victorian designs, and cottages. Due to the fast array of home, this location does attract a diverse range of different people. One of the most significant aesthetic features is that all the roads are lined with rich canopies of beautiful street trees. You’ll find them on virtually every street you visit or explore. Many people who live in South Hill will commute to offices nearby to gain the best of both worlds. They reside in a peaceful location with a bustling urban center close by. 

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