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 Meet Our Spokane Dentist, Dr. Bryant Zollinger

“Dr. Z” grew up in Fargo, ND, braving the frigid tundra with an early morning paper route and after-school jobs through high school. While working in Spokane one summer, he met the love of his life, Elizabeth. Together, they returned to the Midwest for Dental School and then moved to the Portland area to work with a group practice. They are now excited to be returning to the place they first met where they will be able to raise their kids around their grandparents and cousins. As a family, they love going on walks/bike rides, playing at the park, swimming and enjoying nature. Dr. Z loves sports, especially football, golf, racquetball, tennis, and recreational/competition shooting.

He is passionate about quality dentistry and is very excited to get to know you.


“It’s my goal to be a caring, compassionate and competent healthcare provider. I want my patients to trust in my expertise and my ability to care for them and their families. Educating my patients on the importance of dental health and all of the options available to them is also extremely important to me.”


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 Dr. Zollinger and his family

“Dentistry is a very important part of medicine. Not only is it important to keep our teeth and gums clean and disease free, but our oral health affects substantively what we are able to eat and psychologically the way we feel about ourselves.I truly enjoy caring for my patients”  Dr. Bryant Zollinger, DDS


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