There’s nothing worse than sleep apnea. It can bother people that have to sleep near to you and interrupt the quality of your sleep. In some cases, sleep apnea can lead to serious problems. The good news is that, unlike the olden days, you don’t necessarily need to just accept that sleep apnea is going to be a part of your life. Here at Dental Care of Spokane, we can offer various treatment methods that will help to reduce the symptoms of your sleep apnea.


When Do You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

So how do you know if you need treatment? It’s possible that you’ve been told by someone you sleep near to that you’re snoring loudly. There are some other symptoms that you can look for yourself, however, rather than waiting for someone to tell you. For example, people with sleep apnea often report waking up with a dry mouth, and difficulty staying asleep. If you’re continually tired, even if you think you’ve had a good night’s sleep, then it’s possible that you’re experiencing sleep apnea.



The benefits of taking care of the issue can be profound. For starters, your family members will thank you. It’s not nice to know that you’re the reason why your family members can’t sleep. You’ll also find that you find it easier to sleep through the night. 


The Process

So what does the process look like? It all begins by working with a professional and going through your symptoms. Once they’ve determined whether you have a mild or serious case, they’ll be able to determine the best course of action. There are various different treatments on offer, and it’ll be up to the professional to determine which one is going to be the most effective for you. There are various levels of sleep apnea, including obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.


In some cases, the best approach will be to look at altering the lifestyle, since this is something that can have a big impact on sleep apnea. For example, people that smoke are much more likely to have sleep apnea. The treatments that are on offer can be highly effective from the first night of use. In some cases you might be required to take some tests at home so that the professional can assess the level of your sleep apnea. Once they know the level, they’ll be in a position to recommend the right treatment. 


If you’re experiencing sleep apnea and are ready to do something about it, then be sure to get in touch with us here at Dental Care of Spokane. We have many years of experience in helping people overcome various problems, including their issues with sleep apnea. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, it’ll be a simple matter of coming into our facility and discussing it with one of our professional members of staff. To schedule an appointment in Spokane, Washington, you can click the ‘schedule online’ button at the top of this page, or you can check out our contact page and give us a call.